TidyLife.me is based in Hereford city, UK, and specialises in in-home consultations, practical guidance and direct help with your decluttering process.

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What happens when the junk drawer spills into the junk room?

When your wardrobe is heaving with nothing to wear?0

When your ironing pile resembles Mount Everest, or paperwork is like the Amazon?

Are you constantly tripping over kids’ toys, or feeling like you are forever hunting for your keys?

Do you dread friends ‘popping by’ unannounced? Does housework feel like it’s taking over your life? Are there simply never enough hours in your day?

Don’t let clutter be your home’s guilty secret.

TidyLife.me helps you take control of the clutter in your life.

Contact us today for personal or group consultations, in your home or via remote private consultation. TidyLife.me offers simple, practical tips to streamline your style and free your time.

Don’t let clutter get in the way of the life you want – call us today, we really can help.

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We all have busy lives, reflected in our busy homes and busy minds. Taking steps to simplify your environment truly has massive impact on your schedule, your confidence and your ability to tackle your day.

CONTACT TidyLife.me to arrange your first session,
and start taking control of your home today.

TidyLife.me can help you take control of your home, fast. We offer specialist fast start packages in the following areas:






We also offer one to one, couples or group coaching sessions, so you can build the skills to keep on top of clutter for good, and enjoy the benefits of a more streamlined life.

CONTACT us today for more information and a no obligation chat about your needs.

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We cover a 10 mile radius of Hereford city centre as part of our standard package, with further postcodes subject to a minimal mileage charge.

However, we all have busy schedules. Hey, that’s how we get cluttered in the first place.

For those of you who would love a kick start, or want to get in touch from further afield (we have helped clients in North America, Europe and Australia to date), why not book a private consultation via Skype / WhatsApp (or other remote conference tool to be agreed between us)?

We offer an initial one hour session for just £15 (payable via Paypal in advance), where we shall discuss your organizing needs in depth, and then create an action plan which we follow up in one or more further calls. That’s cheaper than coffee with a friend in town, and really could kick start a whole new way of life.

The beauty of remote conferencing is we can harness technology to put the TidyLife.me team directly into your living room (or attic), at a time to suit you. We understand how overwhelming having people in your space can be, or simply how difficult it can be to make the time to start.

GET IN TOUCH to establish how we can best help you, today.

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