Who hasn’t stepped on Lego in the middle of the night?

Having children multiplies the stuff in your life more than you can ever imagine. Not only are you responsible for ‘adulting’ more than ever before (howww much hoovering??), you have little people who move stuff. A lot.

Toys, clothes, washing, feeding, more washing, more toys… It never ends.


TidyLife.me offers practical help and advice to get on top of
the clutter that comes with children.

In our bespoke program, we can help you overhaul the play room, the bedroom, the lounge… Let’s face it, their stuff gets everywhere.

Studies show that kids play better, for longer, and with more engagement (i.e. more learning, more independence) when they have less toys. Yep. Less truly is more.

Perhaps you want help installing a toy rotation system (so you get to store some items away and then make Christmas come early when you reintroduce boxes), or need advice as to how to sell or donate the plastic proliferation to make space (and ££) for games they really love.

TIdyLife.me specializes in:

  • Creating beautiful play spaces
  • Harmonizing sleep spaces
  • Reclaiming adult zones
  • Presentation, storage and disposal of kids’ artwork
  • Toy rotation systems
  • Helping kids with the psychology of clutter – and instilling a giving mindset through donation
  • Kids clothes (how much do you need to store for the next maybe-baby?)
  • Minimalism with kids
  • Strategies for coping with grandparents and gifts
  • Home education resource centres
  • Waldorf/Steiner inspired themes
  • Montessori/RIE
  • The TidyToy donation scheme

Contact TidyLife.me today to help you, help your kids and help your happy home.

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TidyLife.me is proud to have created the TidyToy donation scheme – whereby you/your child can directly help children who are less fortunate than to have the issue of clutter. Good quality toys are sold to benefit local causes, and throughout the year TidyToy sends toy/treat gift shoeboxes to refugee children in the UK and abroad.

**CONTACT TidyLife.me if you represent a charity or cause hoping to benefit from the TidyToy program.