Is your house a tighter fit than your teenage jeans? Literally bursting at the seams with the excess of the years. Your family is growing. Your need for storage is growing.

Just one more bedroom. A study. A man cave at the end of the garden?

Perhaps you are considering a costly extension to your home. Or even dreaming of a bigger house? But…

Do you really need a bigger house?

TidyLife.me can help you in three ways:


    Consultation as to whether a declutter, organise and sort could repurpose your rooms and storage ability to make better use of your existing space.

    For a fraction of the cost, time and hassle of getting the builders in, TinyLife.me will help you rediscover the love for what you already have – a bit like marriage counselling.


    If moving truly is the right step for you, TidyLife.me will help you get your house show perfect, to maximise your pennies and speed of sale – so you can find your perfect pad. This be a larger home, or for those whom downsizing becomes an option. We can help with home staging, tips for getting the best photographs for sale particulars, and storage of excess items until you close the sale.

  3. #MOVING

    When it’s time to box, TidyLife.me will help you purge and pack, to transport only the items you truly value, to ensure your new home is clear and clutter free. We can also help with unpacking (location dependant), and installing systems to help lock clutter out.


CONTACT TidyLife.me for a no obligation discussion on your needs, and how we can help you love your space.



TidyLife.me was born of a family of hoarders.

Not all of us start out tidy. We really do understand how clutter creeps in and takes hold, and why you are at the stage where you want to do something about it.

TidyLife.me is a family business, and we really understand how feeling disorganised impacts your family.


TidyLife.me was founded by Jen Tidd, upon moving to Hereford in 2016. jen-tidd-polaroid-2017


My father has storage units on two different continents from where he is actually living. My magpie mother – if I say ‘Steptoe’s Yard… When my Grandfather passed, it took my family a YEAR to clear his house.

I really do understand the psychology of holding on to stuff. I’ve moved four times this year alone.

I also have three kids.

Last year, my family moved to Hereford from Spain with a suitcase each.

That was it. It was all we needed.

Okay, we’ve since bought a sofa – but the point is, growing up STUFF really mattered to me, and now it doesn’t. I learned how holding on to the things in my life was stopping me from having the freedom to experience new things. Also, the more stuff you have, the more time you have to spend looking after it; anyone with three kids can attest.

By taking stock and sorting out, we have more time and freedom, I’m rarely called upon to ‘find’ anything (as everything has a place), and my children play more happily for longer *. I also don’t fret about cleaning anymore, as I’ve changed my psychology towards it. Now my space isn’t overwhelmed by ‘things’ it’s easy to flick the hoover round, and less dust collects. With a minimal wardrobe, I rarely have days where nothing fits, and believe me it’s easier to get out the door choosing between five pairs of shoes than the over 200 (!!) I used to own. #shoeshame

Creating a Tidy Life really has changed my life for the better.

And I’d love to help you too.

CONTACT me, Jen Tidd, or any of the TidyLife.me team using THE SOCIALS (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), Email – tidylife.me@gmail.com, Call, or the Contact form below.

Getting organised is easier than you think. Make the positive decision to take one simple action today – get in touch with us, and we can guide you through the rest, and offer support, motivation and guidance to keep you on track, for good.






Do you have an in-tray that resembles a litter tray? Do you dread the postman bringing yet more paper to your doorstep, or have you missed parent’s evening because you couldn’t find the reminder slip in the bottom of your bag?

Paperwork is cited as the #1 thing our clients need help with when starting decluttering.

TidyLife.me can get you on top of your paper-game.

Whether it’s getting on top of your calendar, mountains of receipts, study notes, overdue filing, deciding what to keep and what to toss, or digitizing your life, CONTACT us for a no obligation chat about what you need to free your filing.



Do you have a wardrobe that’s bursting at the seams, but still struggle getting dressed in the morning?

TidyLife.me can quickly help you get on top of clothing clutter, sort your shoes and handle your handbags.

CONTACT us for a no obligation chat about what you need to get on top of your clothes.

TidyLife.me provides a quick and easy service to turn your shoe-stash into a prized selection, and your extra cloth into cash (*either for you, or for one of the fabulous local charities whom could really benefit).

Whether it’s help with decluttering, working out your personal style, or the psychology behind why we hold on to clothes that don’t fit or suit us, TidyLife.me can help you rediscover your passion for fashion… and get the drawers shut properly.




Einstein was a smart chap – and he famously reckoned that you can’t solve a problem with the same brain that created it. In other words, sometimes it’s good to get in a little help.

If your clutter problem was something you could solve by yourself,
wouldn’t you have already done it?

You absolutely have the power to get on top of the laundry pile – but do you have the energy, the time or the enthusiasm?

The very first step is always the hardest. Seeing the wood from the trees, the wheat from the chaff and other fitting metaphors.

When clutter has got on top of you, where on earth do you start?

That’s where the use of a professional can really help.

More than the clutter creep itself, TidyLife.me has expertise in setting up systems to help you get and stay organized.

The Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers (UK) has a fantastic FAQ section if you want to learn more about the growing industry, and why you may benefit from the support of a professional organizer such as TidyLife.me, including:

  • Time management
  • Paper management & filing systems
  • Clutter control
  • Space planning
  • Wardrobe organising
  • Personal shopping
  • Memorabilia/photographs
  • Packing/moving
  • Information management
  • Computers – electronic file management
  • Kitchens
  • Downsizing
  • Relocating
  • Students
  • Children’s rooms
  • Feng Shui
  • Space Clearing
  • Home staging
  • Interior design

TidyLife.me offers a professional, friendly support service to help you take control of clutter in your home. Our decluttering and organizing expertise is not a synonym for cleaning; we can recommend local affiliate partners to cut grease and grime. Moreover, TidyLife.me specializes in helping you understand why clutter has become a problem in your life, and teaching you specific methods to banish it for good.

We are not all about stark minimalism or thousands of tiny plastic boxes and labels, but creating practical systems that work for real families and real busy lives. The TinyLife.me team has kids too – we understand that for most of us being clutter free is not defined by an interior worthy of Homes & Gardens magazine (although if that’s your aim, we can certainly help with that), but more about not feeling like you are drowning in chaos.

CONTACT TidyLife.me today for a no obligation discussion of your needs, and to work out your personal plan of clutter attack.